Where are you located?

We will meet you at a predetermined drop off location in San Diego Bay.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is free.

What time should we arrive for our reservation?

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation time.

Do You Need a Boating License to Jet Ski?


How Does a Jet Ski Work?

PWCs are impeller-based units, having no external rotating propeller. Instead, the internal impeller draws the water in. The latter goes directly to a propulsion system. Then, the impeller forces the water out through the nozzles. Jet ski lacks transmission. The user should use a braking system or release the throttle if the specific model has no brakes.

Are Jet Skies Dangerous?

Jet ski is no more dangerous than other water transport since everything depends on the rider’s skills and mindful driving. For example, it’s crucial to not overpower the PWC to avoid out-of-control situations. While jumping from the jet ski or falling down, the rider should escape a powerful water jet forcing out from the propulsion system. It helps avoid internal injuries.

Things to Know Before You Book

  • Maximum weight per person: 300 lbs.
  • Be prepared to get WET and possibly SOAKED.
  • Kids need to be at least three years AND 36″ tall to ride.
  • An adult MUST accompany any person 14 years old and under.
  • Kids under 18 MUST have a parent or guardian to sign the waiver for them.
  • We don’t allow women who are pregnant. We highly recommend people that have back or heart problems do not go in any of our rides. If you have any other health conditions and aren’t sure if you should ride, contact your doctor before doing the activity.
  • Route and duration subject to change depending on weather conditions.
  • Cancellation policy applies.
  • Check our FAQ for more information.